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Outsourced Revenue Cycle Management vs. In-House Billing - Their Pricing vs Ours

" offers an effective patient-oriented payment platform to enable your practice the ability to offer online & terminal-based transactions in one place." 

Pricing models are largely the same from company to company in the medical billing service industry. Most companies, including medicare telehealth billing and payment services, in our review charge a percentage of the net monthly collections, plus there will be an imposed monthly fee of $49.95 first year to $995.00 per month fee in year two, meaning the more revenue they generate for you, the more they get paid. Those percentages typically fall between 4% and 9%, although there are outliers on both the low and high ends. Expect monthly rates to jump in the second year by 2,000%.

Some companies also charge additional fees, such as setup fees, implementation fees or clearinghouse fees. These fees can vary greatly from company to company, so it's important to question sales representatives to find out their policies.

Occasionally, medical billing services will institute a monthly minimum that must be paid in case the percentage of a practice's revenue for the month isn't high enough. Other services will charge a base price per provider, per month, on top of which a small percentage of collections is taken, but this model is rare.

Utilizing Capital Bankcard Option's, not only will patients make on-line automated payments to your practice 24/7 but you will receive next day funding with no additional fees, implementation fees or clearinghouse fees. Our service becomes an extension of your merchant processing program. Call today! 949.510.1853 or listen to our podcast with our healthcare partners: 

Telehealth Payment Options

Setting-up Telehealth Payment Services for Your Private Practice

Setting-up Telehealth Payment Services for Your Private Practice

Setting-up Telehealth Payment Services for Your Private Practice

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We offer the simplest, quickest form of payment and next day funding. ​Link-2-Pay provides instant payment from patients either through your email, invoice or website and provides an emailed receipt or notification to your patient and your practice. Your required patient billing data is included.

Patient pays Before the video call through your email to patient. Excellent method for collecting receivables.

Our Payment portal is secured with the highest level of SSL Certificate encryption.

Telehealth Payment Options

Setting-up Telehealth Payment Services for Your Private Practice

Setting-up Telehealth Payment Services for Your Private Practice


* Patients Pay Directly from Your Email, Invoice or Website

* Auto Billing Recurring Payments Plans Management for High-Deductible/Balance Owed Arrangements

* Clean Up Receivables

* 3 Ways to Receive Patient Payments

* Reduce Collection Costs and Increase Revenues

* Savings & Security

Sensible Solutions

Setting-up Telehealth Payment Services for Your Private Practice

Comprehensive Approach

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Our payment solution enables patients to make payments anytime, anywhere. 


· Create on-line payments links within emails, invoices and your website

· Patients complete payments in seconds from anywhere at anytime

· Get an instant overview of your business across all locations

· Collect customer details for payment reconciliation, scheduled payment plans and more

· Access real-time employee performance

· Manage and control loss prevention

· ACH included

Customize your experience at any time by enabling functionality such as invoicing, recurring billing, inventory management and much more within our app store.

Comprehensive Approach

Comprehensive Approach

Comprehensive Approach

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Capital Bankcard will guarantee to meet or beat any competitor pricing. Ask us about our B2B program!

Typical Fee Reduction: 20-30%.

Example:   Debit: 0.89%    Credit: 1.89%

We offer special B2B rates for all businesses who sell to other businesses.

Want customers to pay on on-line through your website? Ask for Link-2-Pay.

Committed to Service

Comprehensive Approach

Committed to Service

24 hour support

 Award-Winning Support: Unlimited access to an award-winning support team 24/7. You will be provided access to your representative for 24/7 hands on support.  All calls response time guaranteed less than 1 hour, most within minutes. 


Comprehensive Approach

Committed to Service

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 You have questions, we have answers. Rest assured we will respond immediately to any and all questions. 

Would you like to have a link on your website for customers to pay?

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